Manage Access to Zones and Records

Full Access

Members of a zone admin group have full access to all records and permissions in the zone. Each zone is limited to one admin group. Typically, this should be a limited set of users. If you wish to add other users to a group you can do so in the Groups section of the portal.

Limited Access

If you don’t want a user to have full access to a zone you can use ACL rules to give them more granular access. With ACL rules, the zone admins can grant individual users or groups read, write or delete access to all records in the zone, or a subset of record names and/or types.

  1. Go to the desired zone
  2. Select the Manage Zone tab
  3. Select the Create ACL rule button
  4. Fill in the form
  5. Submit the form

ACL rule form screenshot

Shared Zones

The shared zone feature is designed to allow more granular record ownership and management in a flexible way. Super users can mark zones as ‘shared’ which then allow any users to create new records or claim existing unowned records in zones. Zone administrators can assign records in a shared zone to specific groups by designating a group when creating the record set or when updating existing records in the portal. Users who are not zone administrators can create new records in shared zones, or claim and modify unowned records in shared zones, through the DNS Changes interface.