Approve Batch Change

Manually approves a batch change in pending review status given the batch change ID, resulting in revalidation and submission for backend processing. Only system administrators (ie. support or super user) can manually review a batch change. In the event that a batch change is approved and still encounters non-fatal errors, it will remain in manual review state until a successful approval (202 Accepted) or rejection (200 OK).

Note: If manual review is disabled in the VinylDNS instance, users trying to access this endpoint will encounter a 404 Not Found response since it will not exist.


POST /zones/batchrecordchanges/{id}/approve


name type required? description
id string yes Unique identifier assigned to each created batch change.
reviewComment string no Optional approval explanation.


    "reviewComment": "Comments are optional."


Code description
202 OK Batch change is approved and is returned in response body. Batch change is submitted for backend processing.
400 BadRequest Batch change is not in pending approval status.
403 Forbidden User is not a system administrator (ie. support or super user) or is attempting to approve a scheduled batch prior to its scheduled due date.
404 NotFound Batch change does not exist.

Since we re-run validations upon successful approval, the create batch error codes still hold, so it is possible to see them as well.


name type description
userId string The unique identifier of the user that created the batch change.
userName string The username of the user that created the batch change.
comments string Conditional: comments about the batch change, if provided.
createdTimestamp date-time The timestamp (UTC) when the batch change was created.
changes Array of SingleChange Array of single changes within a batch change. A SingleChange can either be a SingleAddChange or a SingleDeleteRRSetChange.
status BatchChangeStatus Status of the batch change.
id string The unique identifier for this batch change.
ownerGroupId string Conditional: Record ownership assignment, if provided.
approvalStatus BatchChangeApprovalStatus Whether the batch change is currently awaiting manual review. Will be ManuallyApproved status when approving.
reviewerId string Unique identifier for the reviewer of the batch change.
reviewerUserName string User name for the reviewer of the batch change.
reviewComment string Conditional: Comment from the reviewer of the batch change, if provided.
reviewTimestamp date-time The timestamp (UTC) of when the batch change was manually reviewed.


    "userId": "vinyl",
    "userName": "vinyl201",
    "comments": "",
    "createdTimestamp": "2019-07-25T20:08:17Z",
    "changes": [
            "changeType": "Add",
            "inputName": "",
            "type": "A",
            "ttl": 7200,
            "record": {
                "address": ""
            "status": "Pending",
            "recordName": "approve",
            "zoneName": "",
            "zoneId": "876879e5-293d-4092-99ab-9cbdf50c1636",
            "validationErrors": [],
            "id": "a69cad97-994d-41e3-aed2-ec8c86a30ac5"
    "status": "PendingProcessing",
    "id": "2343fa88-d4da-4377-986a-34ba4e8ca628",
    "ownerGroupId": "159a41c5-e67e-4951-b539-05f5ac788139",
    "reviewerId": "90c11ffc-5a71-4794-97c6-74d19c81af7d ",
    "reviewComment": "Good to go!",
    "reviewTimestamp": "2019-07-25T20:10:28Z",
    "approvalStatus": "ManuallyApproved"