Global List / Search RecordSets

Retrieves a list of RecordSets globally in the VinylDNS database based on search criteria. A minimum of two alpha-numeric characters is required.


GET /recordsets?startFrom={response.nextId}&maxItems={1 - 100}&recordNameFilter={recordNameFilter}&recordTypeFilter={recordTypeFilter}&recordOwnerGroupFilter={recordOwnerGroupFilter}&nameSort={nameSort}


name type required? description
recordNameFilter string yes Characters that are part of the record name to search for. The wildcard character * is supported, for example www*. Omit the wildcard when searching for an exact record name. At least two alphanumeric characters are required for searching.
recordTypeFilter Array of RecordType no An array of record types to filter for listing record sets. Refer to recordset mode for supported types. Invalid record types will be ignored. If left empty or no valid record types are provided, then all record types will be returned.
recordOwnerGroupFilter string no Owner group ID for record set.
nameSort string no Name sort order for record sets returned by list record set response. Valid values are ASC (ascending; default) and DESC (descending).
startFrom string no In order to advance through pages of results, the startFrom is set to the nextId that is returned on the previous response. It is up to the client to maintain previous pages if the client wishes to advance forward and backward. If not specified, will return the first page of results
maxItems integer no The number of items to return in the page. Valid values are 1 to 100. Defaults to 100 if not provided.


Code description
200 OK - The record sets are returned in the response body
422 Unprocessable Entity - recordNameFilter was either omitted or provided but does not contain at least two alphanumeric characters


name type description
recordSets Array of RecordSets refer to recordset model
startFrom string startFrom sent in request, will not be returned if not provided
nextId string nextId, used as startFrom parameter of next page request, will not be returned if record sets are exhausted
maxItems integer maxItems sent in request, default is 100
recordNameFilter string name filter sent in request
recordTypeFilter Array of RecordType record type filter sent in request
recordOwnerGroupFilter string record owner group sent in request
nameSort string name sort order sent in request


  "recordSets": [
      "type": "A",
      "zoneId": "5f5304ba-c81f-456c-9d33-bb6179c8b1f1",
      "name": "foo",
      "ttl": 7200,
      "status": "Active",
      "created": "2019-04-26T17:15:35Z",
      "records": [
          "address": ""
      "id": "f802596f-4f0e-4e65-bb43-c7ca439d2608",
      "account": "system",
      "fqdn": "",
      "zoneName": "",
      "zoneShared": true
  "maxItems": 100,
  "recordNameFilter": "foo*",
  "recordTypeFilter": [
  "nameSort": "ASC"