Sync Zone

Used to sync VinylDNS zone info with existing zone info. When a sync is performed, a zone transfer is initiated with the backend DNS server. The backend data is compared to the existing data in VinylDNS. If there are any differences, the backend DNS Server is considered the source of truth and will overwrite the data in VinylDNS. All changes will be recorded in VinylDNS so they can be seen in the zone history.

While the zone is syncing, the zone will be unavailable for updates (read-only).

We have done some testing on how long syncs take. These will vary with usage:

  • 1000 records ~ 1 second
  • 10,000 records ~ 10 seconds
  • 100,000 records ~ 6 minutes

Please keep these numbers in mind when you perform syncs.


POST /zones/{zoneId}/sync


Code description
200 OK - Successful lookup, the zone is returned in the response body
400 Bad Request - invalid sync state, a sync has been performed recently, or zone is inactive
401 Unauthorized - The authentication information provided is invalid. Typically the request was not signed properly, or the access key and secret used to sign the request are incorrect
403 Forbidden - the user does not have the access required to perform the action
404 Not Found - Zone not found
409 Conflict - Zone has a pending update


name type description
status string Sync status
zone map Refer to zone model
created string The timestamp (UTC) the sync was initiated
changeType string Type of change requested (Create, Update, Sync, Delete); in this case Sync
userId string The user ID that initiated the change
id string The ID of the change. This is not the id of the zone


  "status": "Pending",
  "zone": {
    "status": "Syncing",
    "updated": "2016-12-28T19:22:02Z",
    "name": "sync-test.",
    "adminGroupId": "cf00d1e4-46f1-493a-a3be-0ae79dd306a5",
    "created": "2016-12-28T19:22:01Z",
    "account": "cf00d1e4-46f1-493a-a3be-0ae79dd306a5",
    "email": "",
    "shared": false,
    "acl": {
      "rules": []
    "id": "621a13df-a2e3-4394-84c0-3eb3a664dff4"
  "created": "2016-12-28T19:22:02Z",
  "changeType": "Sync",
  "userId": "ok",
  "id": "03f1ee91-9053-4346-8b53-e0f6042600f2"