Delete Zone

Abandons an existing zone that has already been connected to. The zone will be disconnected from VinylDNS, but the RecordSets still exist in the backend DNS zone. To delete the RecordSets see Delete RecordSet

Note: We do not recommend that you abandon zones, as your zone history will be lost after the Delete. This endpoint is provided in certain situations where a zone was incorrectly started.


DELETE /zones/{zoneId}


Code description
202 Accepted - The change has been queued and is returned in the response body
400 Bad Request - Zone was not empty and contains records
401 Unauthorized - The authentication information provided is invalid. Typically the request was not signed properly, or the access key and secret used to sign the request are incorrect
403 Forbidden - The user does not have the access required to perform the action
404 Not Found - Zone not found
409 Conflict - Zone is unavailable


name type description
zone map Zone being deleted
userId string The user id that initiated the change
changeType string Type of change requested (Create, Update, Sync, Delete); in this case Delete
created string The timestamp (UTC) the change was initiated
id string The ID of the change. This is not the ID of the zone
status string The status of the zone change


  "status": "Pending",
  "zone": {
    "status": "Deleted",
    "updated": "2016-12-28T18:45:53Z",
    "name": "443ad9ff-8f38-4540-b53f-e23a35fdfc28.",
    "adminGroupId": "test-group-id",
    "created": "2016-12-28T18:45:53Z",
    "account": "test_group",
    "email": "",
    "shared": false,
    "acl": {
      "rules": []
    "id": "4995e883-f314-4c5f-8ee8-75003ca08ab0"
  "created": "2016-12-28T18:45:53Z",
  "changeType": "Delete",
  "userId": "vinyl",
  "id": "89c463e3-1615-42f7-8299-a0ca7ccea439"