Membership Model

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Every zone can be connected to by only one group in VinylDNS. That initial group will be the admin group for that zone, which can be changed later on in a Zone Update. Every member of the admin group will be an admin of that zone, and can preform zone syncs, zone updates, zone deletes, and record set changes regardless of any Access Control Rules set on them.

While users in the admin group will have complete zone access, further users can be given limited membership through Zone ACL Rules


field type description
name string This should be a single word name used for the groups. Use hyphens if needed, no spaces
email string The email distribution list for the group
description string A short description of the group, if more info is needed other than the name. The group will not have this attribute if it was not included in the create request
id string Unique UUID of the group
created date-time The timestamp (UTC) when the group was created
status string Active or Deleted
members Array of User id objects Set of User ids in the group
admins Array of User id objects Set of User ids that are admins of the group. All admin user ids should also be in the members array

Being in the admin set of a group has no impact on zone privileges when the group is the zone’s admin group. Being a group admin allows adding users to the group, deleting users from the group, toggling other users’ admin statuses (including your own), and deleting the group


  "id": "dc4c7c79-5bbc-41bf-992e-8d6c4ec574c6",
  "name": "some-group",
  "email": "",
  "created": "2017-01-30T20:05:24Z",
  "status": "Active",
  "members": [
      "id": "2764183c-5e75-4ae6-8833-503cd5f4dcb0"
      "id": "a6d35b1a-57d7-4a65-bec2-d7ed30a7c430"
  "admins": [
      "id": "a6d35b1a-57d7-4a65-bec2-d7ed30a7c430"


field type description
userName string This should be the AD username of the user
firstName string First name of the user
lastName string Last name of the user
email string Email address of the user
created date-time The timestamp (UTC) when the user was created
id string Unique UUID of the user
isTest boolean Defaults to false. Used for restricted access during VinylDNS testing, can be ignored by clients

To get your access and secret keys, log into the VinylDNS portal and then with the top right drop-down select Download Credentials


  "userName": "jdoe201",
  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Doe",
  "email": "",
  "id": "1764183c-5e75-4ae6-8833-503cd5f4dcb3",
  "isTest": false