Get RecordSet

Gets a RecordSet in a specified zone.


GET /zones/{zoneId}/recordsets/{recordSetId}


Code description
200 OK - The record set is returned
401 Unauthorized - The authentication information provided is invalid. Typically the request was not signed properly, or the access key and secret used to sign the request are incorrect
403 Forbidden - The user does not have the access required to perform the action
404 Not Found - The zone with the id specified was not found, or the record set with id was not found


The returned json object has all the fields from the RecordSet as well as an added accessLevel field

name type description
type string Type of record set
zoneId string The zone the record is stored in
name string The name of the record set
ttl integer The TTL of the record set in seconds
status string The status of the record set
created string The timestamp (UTC) the change was initiated
updated string The timestamp (UTC) the change was last updated
records array of record data Array of record data objects
id string The unique ID of the record set
account string DEPRECATED the ID of the account that created the record set
accessLevel string accessLevel that user has to record set based off acl rules and whether or not user is in Zone Admin Group
ownerGroupId string Record ownership assignment, if found, applicable if the recordset is in a shared zone
ownerGroupName string Name of assigned owner group, if found


  "type": "A",
  "zoneId": "2467dc05-68eb-4498-a9d5-78d24bb0893c",
  "name": "already-exists",
  "ttl": 38400,
  "status": "Active",
  "created": "2017-02-23T15:12:41Z",
  "updated": "2017-02-23T15:12:41Z",
  "records": [
      "address": ""
  "id": "dd9c1120-0594-4e61-982e-8ddcbc8b2d21",
  "account": "9b22b686-54bc-47fb-a8f8-cdc48e6d04ae",
  "accessLevel": "Delete",
  "ownerGroupId": "f42385e4-5675-38c0-b42f-64105e743bfe",
  "ownerGroupName": "Shared Group"